Happy Easter 2014!

The Team of recruitment agency Balkaninvest.eu eood wishes you a happy Easter-time 2014!

Are you familiar with the problem that Easter si celebrated on different days in christian-orthodox countries (like Bulgaria) and predominantly catholic or protestant countries (like Germany)? As we all know, Easter is not on a fixed day and varies each year.

To help you with your orientation we created the following info-graphics on the Easter date:

When do Protestants, Catholics and Christian-Orthodox celebrate Easter?

Wann ist orthodoxes Ostern?
Easter-date for Western churches and the Orthodox christians.

We all hope, that our Easter-info-graphic will serve you well for the years to come. In 2014 all Christians celebrate Easter on the same day (20th of April) This will be the case in 2017 for the next time. For the other years you should note that the Orthodox celebrate Easter one week after the other Christians.

A happy Easter-time to all of you!

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