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Austrian experts on Bulgaria in “Wirtschaftsblatt”

Zname-Avstria-300x200For more than a century Bulgaria and Austria have an intensive political , economical and cultural cooperation. Especially Austrian companies benefit from a good knowledge of the Bulgarian market. Not only for that reason Austria is the second largest investor of the country. The November issue of the Bulgarian Wirtschaftsblatt focuses on Austria. We have summarized and supplemented some interesting information.

Ambassador Hauser about Bulgaria as an investment country

A steady economical growth, an attractive tax environment as well as decreasing unemployment figures convince investors. Bulgaria has a strong amicable relationship with the German-speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria, ambassador Mr. Mag. Roland Hauser towards Wirtschaftsblatt.

According to him, Bulgaria is at the moment in a phase of relative political stability which strengthens the confidence of Bulgaria as a business location.

Trade expert Straka: Bulgaria is stable!

The Austria trade commissioner in Sofia, Ms. Mag. Ulrike Straka agrees. According to her, Bulgaria has again politically more stable circumstances and there is an EU-friendly government – these are good preconditions. This leads to the fact that already located Austria commercial enterprises continue investing which attracts foreign investors.

But also negative trends on behalf of the government are noticeable, like the rejection of the Anti-corruption Law. Nevertheless in 2014 there has been direct foreign investment in Bulgaria from Austria in the amount of 290,7 mil €. Nearly 10% of the biggest foreign investors are companies from Austria like TelekomAustria, EVN, UniCredit/BankAustria, Knauf, Raiffeisen, OMV, REWE/Billa, WienerStädtischeVersicherung, UNIQA, Strabag and VAE. The popularity can also be seen in tourism. In 2014 174,899 Austrian nationals have visited Bulgaria, an 39.4% increase in comparison to 2013.

Bulgarians at the business location Austria

Conversely there is also interest. The Austrian market is highly coveted among Bulgarian businessmen. The good business climate, the qualified personnel and modern infrastructure, the strategic location between east and west, excellent living conditions as well as a high level of personal, political and legal safety and stability are deciding factors.

According to Straka Bulgarian businessmen are known to be friendly, appreciate Austria and Austrian companies and are highly interested in a cooperation.

In comparison to the Austrians the Bulgarians prefer to import a finished product. The reasons are high labour costs and taxes. Because of that mainly small offices are opened in Austria and simultaneously the favourable-priced Bulgarian resources are used. Also the worldwide known Bulgarian company Walltopia, which is famous for the production of climbing walls, is now doing active business in Austria for more that three years.

According to Hauser the future aim is to maintain the excellent relationship between these two countries through as many concrete projects as possible. He exemplary names the joint preparation for the presidency of the European Union which will be exercised by Bulgaria and Austria successively in 2018/19 as well as the 20th jubilee of the Austrian Music Weeks in Bulgaria 2016.

Roland Hauser
Ambassador  Mag. Roland Hauser (Source: Austrian Embassy in Sofia)

Mag. Roland Hauser finished historical studies, Romance philology studies, philosophy studies as well as his degree study program at the diplomatic academy Vienna. After being Austrian ambassador in Qatar, Kenya and Kuwait he is now ambassador of the Republic Austria in Bulgaria since September 2014. He describes his indeed positive Bulgarian impressions in the latest issue of the Wirtschaftsblatt.

How to organize your work time during Christmas holidays

If you want to create the best road to calm and joyous holidays, the first is a good organization and no work limits, which can spoil the good mood and Christmas spirit. Preparing for unforgettable vacation with the help of a step-by-step plan makes quick work of seasonal chores, and leaves plenty of time, energy and money. Here are some ideas and suggestions for well- organized plans which cam reduce all the mess before, during and after Christmas.

christmas planning

Christmas Countdown

The Countdown is a Christmas-only holiday organizing plan, which breaks down seasonal chores into easy-to-complete weekly assignments. This special plan is for people who want to prepare for the holidays without a lot of cleaning or organizing. You can use it if you want to skip all the redundant tasks before Christmas and to enjoy some spare time. It’s a “just simply holiday stuff” plan, which is designed to let you have more fun the whole December, only to be prepared and ready to celebrate.

101 Days to Christmas

If you don’t like the idea of a plan and you prefer to ignore all the organization, you should try the daily reminders from 101 Days to Christmas. These are daily Christmas planning tips, starting from September and taking you to and through the holiday season. The daily gentle reminders can bring holiday planning to mind without annoying schedules and official “plans”. In case it is too late for that opportunity you can always try it the next year.

House & Holidays Plan

You are a dreamer and you want to celebrate the Christmas season in a clean and organized home, enjoying the atmosphere and just having fun. This is the perfect House & Holidays Plan for you. The whole idea is concerned with a week-by-week road-map to clean and organize the whole house by December, while preparing for the holiday season in good time. You can cut the clutter, clean and organize with weekly assignments designed to be do-able, not overwhelming. And to be fully prepared before the Christmas Eve you can include a few holiday prep tasks. At the end you will see that the result is satisfying and the cozy and comfortable atmosphere is created.

Holiday Grand Plan

If you want to have time both for the office and for your home tasks, you should create very strict and not so stressful plan. The Holiday Grand plan is about weekly cleaning and organizing assignments move room by room through the house. In this way you can have time to do your job assignments and to prepare the house for the holidays.

Choose the best plan for your dream Christmas and organize your work time. Don’t think too much, because Christmas is awaiting for you!

Happy Easter 2014!

The Team of recruitment agency eood wishes you a happy Easter-time 2014!

Are you familiar with the problem that Easter si celebrated on different days in christian-orthodox countries (like Bulgaria) and predominantly catholic or protestant countries (like Germany)? As we all know, Easter is not on a fixed day and varies each year.

To help you with your orientation we created the following info-graphics on the Easter date:

When do Protestants, Catholics and Christian-Orthodox celebrate Easter?

Wann ist orthodoxes Ostern?
Easter-date for Western churches and the Orthodox christians.

We all hope, that our Easter-info-graphic will serve you well for the years to come. In 2014 all Christians celebrate Easter on the same day (20th of April) This will be the case in 2017 for the next time. For the other years you should note that the Orthodox celebrate Easter one week after the other Christians.

A happy Easter-time to all of you!